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New Kadampa Survivors Yahoo Group

It appears that the main function of the New Kadampa Survivors group is to gather a large group of people together on the internet who have negative minds toward the New Kadampa Tradition and increase their negativity.  If you try to post a neutral or positive comment in this Yahoo Group it will not be posted. David Cutshaw will send you a response saying “you don’t understand the purpose of this group”. It is clear, that if no neutral or positive comments are allowed, that the only purpose of this group is to increase negativity toward the NKT.

Below is an explanation of how the New Kadampa Survivors Yahoo Group originated from the New Kadampa Truth website.

David Cutshaw:David is the owner of New Kadampa Survivors, is not known to be an FPMT student but he was adversely affected by them (see below).

David began attending classes at an NKT branch in Asheville, North Carolina. As David himself has said on various public forums, he has long suffered from bouts of mental illness, depression and irrational anger. He wrote to Geshe Kelsang about these problems and received some advice. He also received support from his teacher and the Sangha who would visit him in hospital. David attended the Kadampa teachings for three to four years and seemed to enjoy them and the friendship of the Sangha. However, he stopped attending the Center in 2005 after being told by FPMT students that Dorje Shugden was an evil spirit – arguably an irresponsible and cruel thing to say to someone in a vulnerable, suggestible state of mind.

He was a prolific contributor to NKT Chat and expressed his concerns there. In response he received help and encouragement from his fellow NKT Sangha and seemed to be coming to terms with the issue, but then he discovered E-Sangha and read many negative postings about the NKT and Dorje Shugden(many posted by Thubten Gonpo and Tenzin Peljor). His mind changed and he started to post very critical comments about the NKT on E-Sangha, talking about ‘the cult’ and speaking of Geshe Kelsang and other Kadampa teachers in very harsh terms. By claiming to speak authoritatively as an ‘insider’, and because he was no longer involved with the NKT, David found an attentive audience eager to help him ‘rehabilitate’ after his ‘terrible’ experiences with the NKT cult.

David then went on to found the New Kadampa Survivors site. He has moderated that group closely, seeming to seek attention from the people who post on it by claiming the things they say as part of his own experience too and then building on it. Maybe this is true for many Internet chat groups that develop a strange life of their own, but David never allows any pro-NKT comment (or even neutral ones) to be posted. When any friendly NKT remarks do inadvertently slip through, he attacks the sender, or cancels their membership by saying the group is not meant for “NKT propaganda”.

David allows personal and private correspondence to be posted on the chat group against the law and the wishes of the individuals concerned. Yahoo! wanted him to tone the chat group down after they discovered the hate mongering, bad language and campaigning. He was unrepentant and said he would move all the postings to an MSN site for safe-keeping. He also uploaded a defamatory storage document called “NKT Media Files”, stored on the survivors’ site; and he supports every Survivor campaign against the NKT — such as writing negative Amazon book reviews focusing on the NKT rather than the book.

Although the NKT has never claimed to be perfect and definitely makes mistakes, the NKT of David Cutshaw’s Survivors group is not recognizable to most NKT students or their families. Nevertheless, many individuals who come to the Survivors’ group (a great number of whom have heard that the NKT are spirit worshippers or cultists and are trying to find out more) believe David’s repeated lies, start to doubt, and then lose their faith entirely because they are unaware of the source of and motivation behind the postings.

Tenzin Peljor:Until recently Peljor was very active on the New Kadampa Survivors’ site where he could be seen clearly to manipulate people to cause them to lose their faith, and siding with David Cutshaw to encourage worse and worse verbal attacks on the NKT. Now Tenzin mainly acts as a recruiter for the New Kadampa Survivors group. He posts links to the New Kadampa Survivors group on several of his websites that contain extremely negative smears of the NKT.


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