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Western Shugden Society – Unlocked? Or was it ever Locked?

This is another one of Tenzin Peljor’s smears refuted. Tenzin Peljor claims to have unlocked the secrets of the Western Shugden Society. He claims on multiple sites (one of which was barred from flickr for storing defamatory material) that the Western Shugden Society is really the New Kadampa Tradition in disguise and then goes through his usual routine of claiming the NKT is a cult (because it says so on the Cult Information Centre website). Interestingly, the main references (links) of the Cult Information Centre about the NKT are Tibetan Government in Exile websites and at least two sites created by or moderated by Peljor. You didn’t have anything to do with those links did you Peljor?

From the New Kadampa Truth website:

Truth: It is the Western Shugden Society (WSS) that is demonstrating against the Dalai Lama, not the NKT. The WSS is an ad hoc coalition of Dorje Shugden practitioners from many different countries, including more Tibetans than Westerners.

Some NKT detractors have created websites and posted on blogs to allege that it is the NKT that is demonstrating against the Dalai Lama because there are many prominent and senior NKT practitioners visible at the demonstrations. However, those who attend the demonstrations do so as individual Dorje Shugden practitioners, not as representatives of the NKT. Everyone who practices Kadam Dharma is a practitioner of Dorje Shugden so it is not surprising that there are a great number of Kadampas supporting the demonstrations.

Nor are they wrong to do so. For the reasons why Kadampa practitioners everywhere oppose the Dalai Lama’s ban of their Protector practice and attempted suppression of their religious tradition, please see and”


New Kadampa Truth – Fighting the Smears

The purpose of this blog is to help refute the smears of the New Kadampa Tradition. This site is also open to discussion and debate. However, if your comments promote anger toward to NKT, or toward the individuals who are responsible for the smears, they will not be posted. Peaceful and well-thought-out comments only please.

Please take the time to check out this new site which refutes the lies which have been spread all over the internet mainly by a handful of individuals.

From the home page of New Kadampa Truth:

“For over 10 years Kadampa Buddhism in the West in the form of the New Kadampa Tradition ~ International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU) has been subject to a great number of false allegations. The purpose of this website is to try and respond to these with facts and the truth.

This website is needed because New Kadampa Tradition students and teachers have been accused of being spirit worshippers and cultists, even murderers. They have been accused of destroying the health and lives of others, even of causing the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Britain. They have been heckled and shouted at, barred from other Tibetan Buddhist organizations and online Buddhist forums, spat at, and threatened. Their locations have been cancelled, their Centers vandalized, their publicity torn down or defaced. Some Tibetan practitioners wear protective ribbons, chant, and make mudras (hand gestures) merely upon encountering a Kadampa. The same negative gossip and insinuation is repeated again and again on the Internet until people come to believe it, largely due to the untiring work of several individuals engaged in a smear campaign, who acknowledge that they would like the New Kadampa Tradition to be destroyed. Websites plagiarizing the name of the tradition store defamatory and divisive material, even though this material is prejudiced or was discredited years ago.”

Smears of the New Kadampa Tradition

Smears of The New Kadampa Tradition Refuted

From the website: New Kadampa Truth – Fighting New Kadampa Tradition Smears