The Dalai Lama’s Lies about Dorje Shugden

Below is the beginning of an article posted on the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden Blog today titled ‘The Cult of Dorje Shugden or the Cult of the Dalai Lama’

The Dalai Lama’s big lie

“In an interview with NEWSWEEK earlier this month, the Dalai Lama expressed his worries about the Dorje Shugden. “That cult is actually destroying the freedom of religious thought,” he said.”- Newsweek April 1997

“The problem with Dolgyal practice is that it presents the spirit Dolgyal (Shugden) as a Dharma protector and what’s more tends to promote the spirit as more important than the Buddha himself. If this trend goes unchecked, and innocent people become seduced by cult-like practices of this kind.” – The Dalai Lama’s Advice Concerning Dolgyal (Shugden), June 2008

This shows that in ten years, nothing has changed. The Dalai Lama is consistently using this derogatory term in relation to Dorje Shugden practice and practitioners, throwing mud that he hopes will stick so that Buddhists who have faith in him will also share this view. He uses the term ‘cult’ to dismiss the practice and humiliate those who practise it, but — as with most of the Dalai Lama’s pronouncements – few of his fervent followers have checked to see if there is truth in what he is saying.

Read the full article: ‘The Cult of Dorje Shugden or the Cult of the Dalai Lama’

4 Responses to “The Dalai Lama’s Lies about Dorje Shugden”

  1. 1 Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah October 8, 2008 at 7:39 am

    For me,using “DHOLGYAL”,as a derogatory term to refer to Shri Dorje Shugden and the sentient beings who revere “Dorje Shugden’s Grace radiating Love into our daily life as we endure the suffering surrounding us with “Shimmering Tears” and teaches us compassion for one another by sparks Bodichitta exhudes us to be as One! We reside within Quietude’s Peaceful Perfecting Balance of Equipoise. Step, by step, calmly in the equiessence of waking solitude proceed along the Way!

    Why a supposed Being or God King Or God Buddha would wish to inflict intentional pain and suffering on a world that is already suffering by any infinite number of Ways. From every conceivable level sentient beings blindly and ignorantly harm others. I know not why?
    Somewhere inside this perpetrator, is a seed of what is done wrong. One day he will hear a bell inside his head, as to the harm he has done, is causing beyond all infinite Bones Piled Higher than Mount Meru.

    The Perpetrator is Tenzin Gyatso Norbu and now in his ignorance refers to others in the most comparable as is the “N” word and might be catagorized within th extensive list of Hate Crime terminolgy.
    I ask that all people keep this in mind when applying this negative and unpleasant term to describe a Wisdom Buddha,known as “Shri Dorje Shugden”, The Supreme Protector of The Dharma.

    It only exemplifies the ignorance of the writers or speakers, who use it to express themselves to others.
    THe Dalia Lama uses the term,”Dholygal”, as the Nazis slurred the word Jew or until recently blind people ignorantly called others ‘niggers’ or now “towelheads’ or “Dune_Coons”.Beyond me to condone as it is the intent hate behind the enuciation of the word to harm, and not the word itself. Which invokes the Three Poisons to pierce the heart of the receipient
    Generally speaking this type of terminolgy rolls from his lips as easily as a Socerer can incant and cast a spell!
    As one Judges the fruit’s of one labor. So ye shall Judge him from the Fruits of his Words.
    This man lies as easily as any Global Corporate CEO does to his stock holders.He is seeking to be Yurtle the Turtle and sees all.
    This Lying Man in Robes has to held accountable for his slurring words and his Bearing False Witness Against His Brothers!
    This Man in Robes Lying has to be held accountable for his violating others right to believe as they choose.
    This Man in Robes lying must be revealed for his corruption of the Teachings Of Lord Buddha for personal politcal gains by betraying the people’s trust and innocence by relying on a self serving Man in Robes lying for temporal rewards. This is not a Teacher of The Dharma. He is only a Clever Monkey parroting portions of a Vast Treasure Trove of Wisdom and Knowldge as free and availale to all as is the Internet!
    The Teachings of the Dharma were never meant to be sold for a ticket.
    Those who heard and shared from gratitude or not was in the true lot of Lord Buddha.Hence, the Begging Bowl was all they got and kept it simple.Not to feed the fat and make them fatter. I can tell you DL has one monk that looked just like the monks in the movie’In the Name of The Rose’ . The one who they found in the tp with Black Fingers for lying.Real Fat men in robes lying, pretending to be monks.
    Not this susrper’s idea of a Real Hollywood Deal,brouhght to you by ‘Richard Gere Productions’ to charge a $1,000.00 dollars per seeker. Always someone trying to make a buck.It used to be free!
    Now we see how this can be.Always seeking ever more of what the we should provide to each and every man, woman,child and the Birds and Bees and all sentient beings. Dharma for Free! How else can it be?
    Let it flow and grow freely expressed in appreciations by all those seeking the inner peace we speak of, with each and every breath.
    This man, Tenzin Gyatso Norbu is a devilish deceiver , a hungry ghost. Because, Steals and Lies to Fill His Coffer and calls himself a Buddha is profane. Sorry! but there it is!
    There is no place in Buddhism for him to rewrite commentaries as the true words of Buddha’s Actual Words. There is No Place for this Dalia Lama to rewrite the original words of Buddhas to suit his self serving wish and call it history. “To Be the One and Only” at the “Top of the Ladder”. To be revered and worshipped as in his former days. As a Tyrannical War Lord saying,’There can only be One’!and could have you flayed alive with just a cursory smile to his Chamberlains, as he twilred his moustache , over lunch
    Go back to whatever Medievalist Time Warp you came from, Because as you can see, we are all Kings and Buddhas and we are as Nine Billon Shining Lights that fill the sky dispelling your lonely dark little world of dispair and fear in which you wish not to be alone and know you are doing wrong with your greedy little thoughts and dragging in Innocents to keep you company in your private little hell. What a Small Little Bus as described in “The Great Divorce”, Old CS Lewis knew how to call a ‘shot a shot’ and there you are! So small, I can hardly see you at all! Except for your “Pinnocchio Politics”!
    Well, we are Bigger and Brighter than to fall for your tripe.
    We’ll remind you of that as you’ve stepped out the door again, to be greeted as before, and be called the Liar that you are, Dalia lama, Tenzin Gyatso Norbu, whichever you prefer. We can all see you ever so clearly. Shimmering Tears ! ‘dholgyal’is just a reflection of your inner pain as your nose gets longer and longer you sing out
    ‘Pinnocchio Politics’ latter days!

  2. 2 Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah October 9, 2008 at 3:39 am

    The Exodus West For All Able Bodied and all Others 120,000+- Tibetans living outside of Old Tibet in China, To form a New Exodus West By NorthWest to Alaska. The largest State in the USA with only 600,000+- other living souls. Each citizen in Alaska is paid $6,000 per person every year. Just to live up there or here. Depending on where you reside at the moment.
    It would be breeze for the US Senate and President Obama to sign passage of all exiled Tibetans now residing as a non political entity as a Colony in India.
    It would be ideal to relocate and resume this dialogue of whether or not Dorje Shugden is a devil or not or vice versa,
    I propose to organize and air lift all of you out of there in a pocket of isolation that is unfortuantely ranked with North Korea. I suggest the Refugees do an accounting of exactly what the government does with all of that money he brings in cash free to his own iittle fiefdom.
    I propose and I invite you to put this to together and hear your voices speak without he spectre of fear and the yellow sticks and all of that fear mongering he perpetrates upon his own people.
    I invite you and will see each and everyone of you sponsored as US citizens obliged to work and reside within Alaska or the Northwest Territory for 10 years.
    Rebuild yourself without the Old World Pinnocchio Politics. We have plenty of room and you’ll see a future for your grand children that is only a figment of your imagination. We’re about to elect our first African American President, who will , if any lead us out of here.
    I think you all need to give it up and settle up with the old government and share the intake with all 120,000+- and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s cold up there or over there, depending once again on where you are. There is plenty of game and natural resources,and minerals galore to be plucked from the streams. Put you energy to good use for yourselves. Demand what Samdung and lot have once again taken from you the people and that’s not right.Get you share and we’ll bring you over here.
    Stay in Alaska and put your people in DC busy to file for the Mass Exodus of Tibetans to Alaska.
    Don’t waste your prescious resources to chase Pinocchio’s Politics phantom lies. Take care of yourself and do it now, You have no time to waste. Who do you think will take care of you in the near future,Richard Gere?

  3. 3 Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah October 10, 2008 at 3:12 am

    A_ Perhaps! one might consider the consequences of the actual meeting of the West to the East. What did the Dalia lama think,That we were going to become mindless droids with his supreme presence. At one point,I thought it appalling that Richard Rupert described the Dalia as a monk with a Rolex and Guicchi shoes.
    Now, I find it most revealing and poignant of his true nature.

    The charges of spin is such a spoof coming from someone who evidently agrees with his Roverian Spin on just about anything that confronts his act as man of freedom is too much to take without laughing a little.
    Putting aside the Myths of Tibetans as a Wonderland of Joy.

    I think it best for the people on the hillside to develop a plan. While they can or they too will join the ranks of invisible people who exist on the fringe of nowhere.
    Tibet as you knew it is gone. So, I say once again, do something constructive with what money you’ve got from Dl runing around for the last 30 years. Split it up and make a massive effort to relocate into ALaska and reform your world wher it might have half a chance. Take care of yourself before the tide has turned against you and you have no friends and no one really cares.
    You’re expending Political Capital and after he’s gone. No one will care about the little people who have no future, exceppt to turn around and go back to China_Tibet. Or apply in mass for Citizenship Visas to the US or Northwest Territory of Canada.
    It’s politically avy at this moment. It would be grand to just leave this mistake that’s beeen made and get out from under the Thumb of this Dalia Lama’s Pinnocchio Policies.
    He has no future for himself. You can carry the best of Tibet and leave the rest behind.
    We’d not be having the discussion, if you were already in the West. He would never have had a leg to stand on and speaks from a soap box to the peasants.
    See I really believe they do not think much of the peasants. They tolerate them and look down on them as their chattel.
    Come on over and speak your true mind and have a real vote.
    Alaska pays $6,000.00 per year just to live up there. Imagine what you could do with cosolidated resources of hard working people without the baggage of a one man system. Think for yourself and free yourself from this relic of the past or at least put him perspective with your real lives.
    Give it some thought and put your efforts to together to make a change for yourselves.

  4. 4 Dorje shugden practioner January 20, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Dear dorje shugden practitoners due to the current vicious attacks from the dalai lamas followers i would like to make a plea for those able to argue against this tripe.

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