More Lies from Tenzin Peljor and Associates

Tenzin Peljor recently posted a message on his blog which included a message from a member of the New Kadampa Survivors forum who claimed to be giving the inside story from the NKT Summer Festival. Most of what is said could be easily refuted by anyone who was at the Summer Festival. So these kinds of posts, only serve to further discredit the integrity of Tenzin Peljor and his smear campaign. 

The anonymous author claims that there were posters promoting the Western Shugden Society protests in Nantes, France all over the walls everywhere. Here’s a quote about the posters that were supposedly everywhere:

On mobile cooking points, walls and outbuildings. Even on the temple wall. The chapel was used as a meeting point. Even more posters! The walls were covered as were the doors and tables! – New Kadampa Survivors member

This person sounds like they were almost buried in posters. I had the great fortune to attend the Summer Festival (both weeks). I saw only about a dozen posters around Manjushri Centre, and as a matter of fact, the chapel in the priory was used for Festival registration. So this individual is clearly confused. The most bogus claim made is that the members of the Western Shugden Society are prepared to use violence against the Dalai Lama and that they are very angry. Another quote:

Some told me they were prepared to use violence. Hatred? Why? Geshe-la wants us to win at all costs. Confusion? They have truly been poisoned. [..] – New Kadampa Survivors member

Anyone who has attended a Western Shugden Society protest is aware that anyone who displays anger or malicious intentions would not be allowed to participate in the demonstrations. Before each protest, everyone attending makes a promise in writing to conduct themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner.

It’s great that Tenzin Peljor is posting this kind of material from the New Kadampa Survivors group so that outsiders can have a peek at the quality of the content of this forum. It is understandible that many of the people who join this group, hoping to derive some therapeutic benefits from the discussions held, quickly unsubscribe describing the group as “toxic”.

HappyNKTer said it best:

So there’s not a doubt in my mind that some people have had bad NKT experiences — just in the same way that Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans, Methodists, Jews, Muslims, and others have had bad experiences with their own religious tradition.  But to create a forum whose main aim is to spend so much time blaming others and dwelling in negativity… well, they have every right to do that.  I hope it brings them the happiness they seek.

6 Responses to “More Lies from Tenzin Peljor and Associates”

  1. 1 all4peace August 15, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    I read Ben, the Kadampa “Survivor’s” post about the recent festival and it helped me so much. It helped me to realize that some of these people are so deluded that they hallucinate. Or blatantly lie.
    I was curious why there was such a site after having attended such this beautiful peaceful festival where I was taught how to cherish others – free them from their suffering – and give them all of my happiness. I was encouraged to abandon my painful mind of self cherishing. The benefits just keep coming!
    I saw the posters that Ben is talking about. Small (81/2 X 11) xerox copies reminding people who wished to attend the demonstrtations in France to register for a bus that would leave from the Festival site. I saw a handful of them. They were not recruiting posters. Simply reminders. There was not a word spoken about the Dalai Lama in the teachings. Check the videos/recordings. Reference was only made to our great fortune in having the freedom to practice the precious teachings of the great Kadampa masters. I continue to rejoice in that good fortune.

  2. 2 WisdomTruth August 19, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    I too was at the Summer Festival for two weeks and didn’t see anything like what this person is describing. This is typical of the misinformation spread on the internet that people like Tenzin Peljor just lap up because it seems to support their case that NKT is an extreme organization. I can’t believe that the person on New Kadampa Survivors would post this – it’s clear that he or she is living in a different world to the rest of us. It just goes to show that you can’t believe what you read on the internet!

  3. 3 happynkter August 20, 2008 at 3:05 am

    I saw a few of the above-mentioned posters, but I saw more posters from the Sangha in South Africa appealing for financial help for one of their students, who is a Rwandan living in the Congo. The gentleman wanted to attend the Paris festival but didn’t have the money, and the South Africans were posting his story everywhere asking for help. I hope they collected what they needed!

    Considering this poster was around festival at least as much as the Nantes reminder (if not more), why mention only the latter and not the former?

  4. 4 Catchyphrase September 3, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    I saw the posters – a few around letting people know where to go to sign up to demonstrate – they were not propaganda. I myself signed up for the demonstrations in the Chapel right before spring festival. Actually, the circle car park was the meeting point. Couldn’t go to the France demos so I don’t know about the meeting point there. But anyhow, what’s the problem?

    As for the teachings, we did indeed recieve teachings about the tragedy of having a schism in the Sangha and that we are very lucky that within out tradition, we are free from this. The Sangha is very precious. Also, we have the freedom to practice and with patience and compassion, we try to help others who don’t have this freedom. What normal person would think these things evidence of ill intention or deceit? Personally, I am very glad and grateful.

  5. 5 Chelvi September 12, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    This discussion increases my faith in Buddha’s teachings on Ultimate Truth! Everything is an appearance and experience of our mind. Different minds perceive different worlds!

    I was at the festival too – it was simply one of the best festivals I have ever been to….maybe my mind is improving??? (shouldn’t speak too soon…:-)) Amazing teachings and meditation reterat on how to develop a mind of Universal Compassion.

    I didn’t perceive anything vaguely political and certainly nothing that remotely resembled this comment by the New Kadampa Survivor;
    ‘Some told me they were prepared to use violence. Hatred? Why? Geshe-la wants us to win at all costs. Confusion? They have truly been poisoned. [..]’

    I was there for the full two weeks – why didn’t these hate-mongering violent Kadampas appear to my mind?

    I have a lot of compassion for Dalai Lama – as I see him as a supreme spirtual guide (not in the conventional sense – but as a Lojong practitioner) who is showing me the faults of the 8 worldly concerns within my mind. We protest out of compassion for him and the millions of Shugden practitioners whose spiritual lives are being destroyed by his actions. All the Kadampas who have appeared to my mind, who have taken part in the protests ( because NOT all NKT practitioners are part of WSS) have a similiar approach. Afterall – at the beginning of each protests, with Kelsang Pema’s help we begin by setting a Compassionate motivation. We all know, compassion and anger/hatred can’t co-exist within one’s mind.

    Once again returning to Buddha’s teachings on Ultimate Truth;
    Impure mind = impure world
    Pure mind = Pure world

    On that note, I better go and do some purification!

  6. 6 Dofí September 20, 2008 at 9:20 am

    …en mi opinión pienso que ésta és una excelente oportunidad para poder desarollar fé en nuestro guia espritual,compasión i sabiduria y para encontrar el Budadharma en el futuro…estube presente en una de la manifestaciones y la experiencia fué increíblemente positiva para desarrollar la vigilancia mental analizando constantemente la mente i las motivaciones,sensaciones y sentimientos que se ivan sucediendo todos deseamos ser felices y salir del sufrimiento por eso intentamos practicar lo que nuestro guia espiritual nos aconseja.seamos practicantes de shugden o seguidores del Dalai Lama…tengamos o no exito en nuestra práctica lo importante es intentar mantener un corazon bondadoso y una mente gozosa,elastica flexible pacífica i tolerante.Sin una mente con estas disponibilidades pienso que es mejor no inbolucrarse en este tipo de devates ya que és en estas situaciones cuando surgen sentimientos i posicionamientos extremos y podriamos dar un mal ejemplo y una exposicion negativa del budismo en nuestro mundo…ya és una buena práctica saber identificar en uno mismo cuando se disponen o no de estas disposiciones mentales con una mente con verdadera energia espiritual puede manifestarse un argumento u otro sin ser perjudicial para nadie…sino benefico para todos los seres sintientes…

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